Cosmic Series 2 – Mars 1998 Caroni & Venus 1997 Caroni



Cosmic Series is created by sis single cask rum. First four casks were distilled at Caroni distillery: La Lune (the Moon), Le Soleil (the Sun), Mars and Venus, the last two named Jupiter and Saturn are a big unknown. The whole edition has been dedicated to the most powerful cosmic couples: the Moon and the Sun, Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. It’s time we set out to an extraterrestrial journey for good. Those celestial bodies since the time began, have been powerful symbols that ruled human life.

This rum embottled into Mars and Venus motives was distilled at Caroni Distillery in Trinidad on their great column still, being a classic example of their Heavy Type Rum. First two single casks no. 60/1997, and no. 84/1997 were bottled in Spring 2021 at cask strength at the age of 23 YO. The other two casks no. 81/1997, and no. 2185/1998 are still maturing and are coming bottlings to join the first two. The last two, are of unknown info, and will be revealed early 2023. Stay tuned!

First four casks shows all the multifaceted and compound structure and character of flavor for which Caroni distillery was famous for.

Superb quality of liquid. Excellent, promising, collectible labels.

Mars. Distilled in 1997. To be bottled in 2023. 25 YO.

Venus. Distilled in 1998. To be bottled in 2023. 24 YO.

Alongside the decanters, in cooperation with Lux Coin, we have created a unique coin, dedicated especially to this Cosmic Collection: Cosmic! Coin, one-ounce, high proof silver coin that will for sure ennoble the whole enterprise.

Coin can be purchased from Lux Coin:

These bottles are available in pre-sale now.
Estimation date of release – Autumn 2023

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