Music! Series – Batch Two – Distilled at Caroni Rum Distillery



Caroni is a famous closed distillery in Trinidad Island. It produced magnificent heavy rums from 1918 to 2002 and was a state plant, with its own sugar refinery that guaranteed its supply of local high quality cane sugar. Actually, only small part of production was bottled under Caroni own label and for a long time the distillery remained known only to a handful of connoisseurs, who loved its unique profile.
Nowadays, Caroni rums are well-known as complex and rich spirits. With interesting history, the brand built the mystical status of the distillery. Unfortunately, in every year the number of Caroni casks which remained to present days decline and some part of its heritage disappear irretrievably. When the last cask will be bottled? No one knows…

Rapso is a form of Trinidadian music that grew out of the social unrest of the 1970s. Black Power and unions grew in the 1970s, and rapso grew along with them. Modern Rapso music can be described today as the Trinbagonian equilevent of what we know as American Rap music.

Feel the rhythm of Trinidadian rapso music

Type: Single Cask Rum, Cask no. 71
Distillery: Caroni
Age: 21 YO
Strength: 60,3%
Number of bottles: 227 bottles
Bottled in 2019

Chutney is a genre of music from the southern Caribbean, popular especially in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname and Jamaica. It’s a mixture of Hindu and local music, fusion of styles created by Indo-Caribbean people whose ancestors came from South Asia to this region of the world to work. Nowadays, Chutney build the part of local culture with rhythmic hand-drum play and songs about life and love.

Feel the beat with this 20 YO Caroni rum.

Type: Single Cask Rum, Cask no. 2110
Distillery: Caroni
Age: 20 YO
Strength: 63,5%
Number of bottles: 206 bottles
Bottled in: 2019


Caribbean beautiful entourage, people dancing on the streets, music with make you to move, sun and good party? All of this you will find during the famous Carnival on Trinidad on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. During these days you are able to hear all gamut of local music like Soca, Calypso, Rapso, bass and steelpan bands. This event is well known also for participants’ colourful costumes. Many of them are the part of the local culture heritage like Burrokeet. Burrokeet is donkey-man, costume being constructed so as to give the illusion of a dancer riding a small donkey. Let’s party begun! Burrokeet is inviting you to dance!

Type: Single Cask Rum, Cask no. 33
Distillery: Caroni
Age: 21 YO
Strength: 60,1%
Number of bottles: 229 bottles
Bottled: 2019

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