Music! Series – Batch One – Distilled at Caroni Rum Distillery


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Caroni is a famous closed distillery in Trinidad Island. It produced magnificent heavy rums from 1918 to 2002 and was a state plant, with its own sugar refinery that guaranteed its supply of local high quality cane sugar. Actually, only small part of production was bottled under Caroni own label and for a long time the distillery remained known only to a handful of connoisseurs, who loved its unique profile. Nowadays, Caroni rums are well-known as complex and rich spirits. With interesting history, the brand built the mystical status of the distillery. Unfortunately, in every year the number of Caroni casks which remained to present days decline and some part of its heritage disappear irretrievably. When the last cask will be bottled? No one knows…

Parang is a popular folk music originating from Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. It’s a mixture of different styles and sounds created by the people from varied culture background. In Trinidad, traditional parang music is largely performed around Christmas time, when singers and instrumentalists travel from house to house in the community. Modern parang music has also developed a season of staged performances called parang fiestas, held from October through to January each year.

Type: Single Cask Rum, Cask no. 5538
Distillery: Caroni
Age: 22 YO
Maturated in Guyana
Strength: 64,3%
Number of bottles: 242 bottles
Bottled in 2019

Soca is a genre of music which was born on Trinidad and Tobago in 70’. Nowadays is a part of music culture of all Anglophone Caribbean countries and irreplaceable component of great revelries. Let yourself fall into a rhythm of Trinidadian carnival with 20 YO Caroni Rum.

Type: Single Cask Rum, Cask no. 3937
Distillery: Caroni
Age: 20 YO
Strength: 69,3%
Number of bottles: 215 bottles
Bottled in 2019

Calypso is a style of Afro-Caribbean music characterized by highly rhythmic and harmonic vocals that originated in Trinidad and Tobago in 18th century and spread to the rest of the Caribbean Antilles and Venezuela. Calypso always played important role in political expression, and also served to document the history of home country, thanks to the rich song texts.

Type: Single Cask Rum, Cask no. 2114
Distillery: Caroni
Age: 20 YO
Strength: 63,8%
Number of bottles: 220
Bottled in 2019

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