Jack Tar is a project for us – who are willing to experience the unknown. For us – who want to explore new areas and search for hidden gems. Jack Tar is for courageous people, wanting to try new things.

We have founded Jack Tar to share with you best quality spirits, to tell you fantastic stories and to do this with passion. Jack Tar is a venture to explore the sea of freedom.

Let the sun and stars guide you. Feel the wind and follow your freedom. Please enjoy with us our projects. We have been working hard with dedication to make them happened. Be with us, support us. We are here to share with you what we believe life is worth for.

Jack Tar Holding Ltd is a private company based in London, UK and founded in 2017 by Lukasz Baranowski together with few Enthusiasts and Business Angels. We have had the initiative to create a reputable spirits bottler. We wanted to unify words we are passionate about – best quality spirits, limited editions and great stories to tell. Additionally, with our brands – mead UL, vodka J.Fuchs, cognac Alfred Dubois Lizee – we will grow portfolio in the future. As Jack Tar we create unique spirit projects for consumers all over the world. Our team consists of experts with many years of experience who passionately create new trends in the world of spirits. We act global with head company in London, UK plus daughter company Jack Tar Hong Kong Ltd located in Hong Kong and sister company Project 1091 Sp. z o.o. located in Warsaw, Poland. We keep our stock in warehouses at many locations in Europe, UK, Caribbean and Asia.

Our key facts presented with the snapshot:

  • 6 years presence on the market,
  • Customers located from Canada to Macau,
  • Unique limited editions of whiskies, rums, cognacs, armagnac, whiskey invented and designed by Us,
  • Few million GBP sales value from the beginning of the company’s operations,
  • Hundreds hours on meetings, Zoom calls, car trips, flights, fairs and exhibitions,
  • Hundreds of international media quotations,
  • Endless ideas for New Projects.

In the past “Jack Tar” was used as a nickname for “those who went to sea”. Sailors were happy to use the term to label themselves. We invite you to the world of Jack Tar.

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