Time Travel 1991 Uitvlugt – Illusion Series



Use your Illusion with Jack Tar. We proudly present third Chapter of Illusion Series: TIME TRAVEL.

Travelling through time has been one of humanity’s strongest desires for centuries. The fantasy of instantly being able to make a trip between points in the universe at different coordinates in space and time. However, a tool is needed – a Time Travel machine.

Time Travel machine will accompany us on the journey through a field of memory and imagination, taking us to eternity. Time Travel machine will have total control over the flow of time. We will open a portal of which we pass through time, stopping it at this precise moment where we enjoy the “here and now”.

Please take a good moment of your day and travel with us through time with this Time Travel. Enjoy this superb spirit.

“The rigid universe is a prison, only the time traveller can be considered free.” – James Gleick, American author and historian of science

Time Travel specification:

💥High Proof Heavy Demerara Rum,
💥Distilled at Uitvlugt Distillery,
💥Single Cask, ex-bourbon barrel, tropical/continental ageing, Port Mourant Double Wooden Vat Still:
✔ Distilled in 1991
✔ Bottled in 2023
✔ Cask #32
✔ Limited quantity 150 bottles
✔ 59.2% vol.
✔ 31yo

With previousely released – Limbo, Dream Catcher – Time Travel – will be nice lineup for your afternoons & evenings. Please enjoy this travel through time with us. Let this bottle of splendid quality rum be your time travel machine.

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