Alpha & Omega Set – Distilled at Enmore 1998-1990, Triple Cask, 30 YO


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Distilled at Enmore Distillery


Alpha and Omega is heavy proof Demerara Rum. Aged in ex-bourbon barrels. Tropical and continental ageing. Bottled in August 2021 as Triple Cask at cask strength 51,6% with the total number of 503 bottles divided into: 251 Alpha, 252 Omega.

Triple Cask:
cask no. 42 distilled in 1988 at Enmore Distillery,
cask no. 40 distilled in 1990 at Enmore Distillery,
cask no. 55 distilled in 1990 at Enmore Distillery.

We always care about an extraordinary story that accompanies to the liquid you are tasting. This time, we usher to look at a life from a different perspective. Let Alpha and Omega be our look through the life as it is – with all our hopes, uncertainties, successes and failures. Our days are often constant like “π”. Some of them are surprising like “Δ”. They sum up “Σ” to a beautiful book of life. Many times we begin “A” new chapter with fear. Many times we are hurt. Will we win? Will we be happy and balanced? Let the Moirae guide us. Let them show us the path until our “Ω” comes, and beyond.

Along with the bottles, you will also receive a wooden stamp, a quote card and the material pouch with an Α and Ω overlapping as inseparable logotypes.

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