Dream Catcher 1991 Uitvlugt – Illusion Series



Distilled at Uitvlugt Rum Distillery
Port Mourant Wooden Still.
Single cask: 30 yo, bottled at cask strength of 56%
Distilled in: 1991
Bottled in: 2022
Cask no. 3
Limited edition: 144 bottles

Dream Catcher is an amulet that comes from the culture of some North American Indian tribes.

A dream catcher made of a net woven into a circle made of a resilient wooden willow rod. The circular shape of its frame symbolizes the cyclically repeating circle of time, Mother Earth and the four sides of the world. The net symbolizes the unity of the family with all its connections, and the knots – the family ties.

The amulet is usually decorated with feathers, beads and other ornaments to which the Indians attributed certain magical properties. The beads were supposed to help make dreams come true. Claws were supposed to guarantee protection, eagle feathers gave courage, and owls gave wisdom. If there was a fragment of fur in the catcher, it was to ensure comfort and warmth. The deer horn was supposed to increase the success of hunting, while the wood provided health.

Dream Catchers were usually hung over the bed in a teepee or at the entrance to an Indian homestead. According to the beliefs of the tribes, the dreams that haunted the sleepers in the house had to pass through the amulet. The dense net was supposed to let only good dreams through, and to keep the nightmares that were lost with the first rays of the sun. Therefore, dream catchers should be hung in a place where the morning sun’s rays can reach them.

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