Polish Premium Mead – UL – Founders Edition



Polish Premium Mead
Strength 16% vol.
Founders limited edition: 100

Poltorak Jack Tar Holding – First Edition – UL. Polish Premium Mead – One of 100 – 70cl

UL is a Polish word for beehive, and Poland is a homeland of mead. Go with us on the exiting journey to the home of this beverage which is made with the help of the one of most powerful insect on earth. Try this drink, which is sweet and very sensual at the same time.

Our mead is made from high quality honey from Polish bee yard. We cooperate on this matters only with reliable suppliers. UL is produced from honey mash from nectarous honey and water, with the proportions 1 part honey to 0.5 part water. It is matured for several years to stabilise it and make it completely clear.

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