Sanmi Ittai Trinitas No. 3 – Set



Sanmi-ittai – Narani Sogi, Chagi, Guburyo Junbi Sogi, Sutemi, Suburi, Tenouchi

Single Cask Blended Malt Whisky from Japan. Matured in Sherry Cask.

A blended malt whisky from Toashuzo Co, the previous owners of the now closed distillery, Hanyu. Sanmi-Ittai is a Japanese translation of the Latin, Trinitas, in reference to the three founders of the distillery. The blend is married in a single cask and released in small batches.


Sherry cask #5026
Divided into three chapters: Narani Sogi, Chagi, Guburyo Junbi Sogi
Each of these chapters numbers 102 bottles.
Strength: 57,8 %

Sherry cask #5025
Dived into three chapters: Sutemi, Suburi, Tenouchi
Each of these chapters numbers 103 bottles.
Strength: 57,7 %

This is a selection of bottlings from two single casks, #…. and #…. , three bottles from each cask. This is a great liquid with unique labels, creating six chapters that compose a unique collector’s set.

Availability date: December 2022

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