Retrouve Anime Series 1- Alfred Dubois Lizee Single Dame Jeanne


Limited Series of unique Armangac. Each of them personifies true spirit of France. Series is composed of 8 Chapters. Today we present 4 of them – beautiful Single Dame Jeanne by Alfred Dubois-Lizée. Grown, distilled, fully matured and bottled at natural strength in 2022 in France. Bottles are ready and available for all Armagnac lovers around the world.

Bas-Armagnac is one of the three plantation areas in the Armagnac area of France where grapes for the distillation of the Armagnac eau-de-vie can be cultivated. It extends over the Landes and Gers departments and represents 57% of the vineyards. The other two are Armagnac-Ténarèze and Haut-Armagnac.

Retrouve Anime Series – Alfred Dubois Lizee

  • BRIGITTE – 1973, 49 YO, Single Dame Jeanne, Bas Armagnac, natural strength 47.8%, 107 bottles from barrel #445
  • CLAUDE – 1934, 88 YO, Single Dame Jeanne, Bas Armagnac, natural strength 44.2%, 88 bottles from barrel #477
  • JANE – 1963, 59 YO, Single Dame Jeanne, Bas Armagnac, natural strength 46.2%, 88 bottles from barrel #406
  • PAUL – 1965, 57 YO, Single Dame Jeanne, Bas Armagnac, natural strength 43.4%, 60 bottles from barrel #403
Those beautiful Armagnacs were grown, distilled, matured and bottled at Veuve Goudoulin Armagnac House founded in 1935 for Alfred Dubois-Lizee in Armagnac, France.

Tasting notes:

1973 Brigitte
Color: manuka honey,
Nose: delicate nose, milk chocolate,
Mouth: caramel fudge, fig, strawberry, plum, milk chocolate, cacao, soft touch of salt,
Finish: long finish, balanced and smooth.


1965 Paul
Color: manuka honey,
Nose: delicate nose, mashed strawberry with cream,
Mouth: oat flakes, mashed strawberry with cream, orange, coconut, humus, wet wood,
Finish: long, chocolate with sweet filing in the aftertaste.


1963 Jane
Color: mahogany,
Nose: black tea, black coffee, pudding, basil, mint
Mouth: raisins, espresso coffee, vanilla, pudding, full rancio, very dynamic but stylish & classic Armagnac,
Finish: long, full rancio, stylish & classic Armagnac nevertheless very dynamic at the same time.


1934 Claude
Color: deep mahogany,
Nose: vanilla, plum cake, marzipan, orange, a little mushroom and forest fruits, wet earth
Mouth: great full rancio, very fruity – cherry, orange, plum, olive oil, also ‘rummy’ notes,
Finish: long, great old style Armagnac, alive and vibrant.


The next four Chapters will be: D’Artagnan, Louis, Leon, Marcel. We are preparing them and they will be released in 2023/2024.
Alfred Dubois-Lizée is a brand with almost two hundred years of history, providing an unforgettable experience to lovers of French liquors and delights with its complexity. Jack Tar is the official owner of Alfred Dubois-Lizée brand. Enjoy those superb Armagnac with Alfred Dubois-Lizée!
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