Pineau des Charentes – Alfred Dubois-Lizée – Founders Edition



Pineau des Charentes
Strenght 17,5% vol.
Founders edition limited: 300

 PINEAU is a sweet alcoholic drink produced exclusively in the Cognac area of ​​France. It is made by combining grape juice and cognac. This mixture is then aged in oak barrels. Thanks to the maturation process, both ingredients combine in harmony to create a completely new and unique drink, the profile of which is enriched with wood notes. It is a unique drink that is hard to find outside the Charente River Valley, which is confirmed by the Appellation Pineau des Charentes Controlée, created in 1945 to protect and care for its quality.

Pineau should be served chilled. You can also add an ice cube to it. Most often it is eaten alone, but it also works great as an ingredient of drinks, giving them a sweet, fruity and cognac profile.

Tasting notes:
Colour: Honey with reflections.
Nose: The smell is pleasantly sweet and fruity.
Mouth: Sweetness is mixed with fruity and floral notes. The cognac background is clearly marked.

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