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Together we have released four single Dame Jeanne Cognac: two of Grand Champange, two from Bons Bois. Please, meet Promesse 39, Bons Bois Cognac distilled in 1939 which has given us unique 72 bottles of extraordinary Cognac. Welcome Seduction 47-48, Bons Bois blend of distillate of 1947 and of 1948, which have gives us other unique 72 bottles of superb Cognac. L’Attente 52 and Rencontre 62 have been with us since a year and they have found new home worldwide. Both Grand Champagne Cognacs, 100 bottles each release.

Why such names? Here is a story behind them.

“Promesse” – similar to English promise – means to take a vow, to oath. It is all about the future. Soon after this Cognac was distilled, a war broke out. So this cognac has carried along a whole history until now. Ante-bellum cognac is something different to our contemporary spirit drinks. Now a whole story is revealed. Chronologically, (promesse) a promise was made, and (seduction) the attraction got stronger and stronger while waiting (l’attente) until (rencontre) the meeting someone or something important to happen. If you are a cognac lover, we insist you have them on your shelves and in your glass.

Remember, there is an addition of 260yo Gautier Cognac 1762 that is the oldest cognac in history with Guinness Record in all of four releases.

Please start the journey to the past with a glass of these amazing cognacs. Please catch the good moment of the day, and simply enjoy them – of superb quality spirits.

Promesse 39
Only 72 bottles
Strength: 42,7%
Seduction 47-48
Only 72 bottles
Strength: 44%
L’Attente 52
Only 100 bottles
Strength: 43,9%
Rencontre 62
Only 100 bottles
Strength: 42,6%

The cooperation of the legendary Cognac House Vallein Tercinier and Jack Tar Holding along with Lux Coin one again resulted in creating a unique masterpiece in the world of cognacs and numismatics.

Chermignac Series includes 4 bottles from one Cognac House. There only 72 unique sets of four cognacs.

The sets will be ready for delivery in December 2023.

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