Chermignac Series – Séduction ’47-48 – Vallein Tercinier Cognac



Third chapter of the Chermignac Series is a very rare and unique blend from 1947 and 1948 which has given us 72 unique bottles of extraordinary Cognac at natural strength.

Séduction 47-48

“Séduction” – similar to English seduction – means a strong attraction to something which one cannot help. Now a whole story makes sense. We celebrated “Recontre”, we went back to “L’Attente”, now we experience strong attraction. There will be one more chapter “Promesse”.
We wish you remember this momentum of drinking 75 YO cognac with addition of 260yo Gautier Cognac 1762 that is the oldest cognac in history with Guinness Record.

Please start the journey to the past with a glass of this amazing cognac. Please catch the good moment of the day and simply enjoy this superb quality spirit. This Bon Bois Cognac is truly rare release.

Strength: 44 %
Only 72 bottles

The cooperation of the legendary Cognac House Vallein Terecinier and Jack Tar Holding with Lux Coin one again resulted in creating a unique masterpiece in the world of cognacs.

Chermignac Series includes 4 bottles from one Cognac House.

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