Birnam Series Set – Salfast 2012, Yggdrasil 1996, Menhir 2008



Yggdrasil 1996 – Laphroaig Single Cask
Distilled at Laphroaig Distillery:
Single Cask
Distilled in 1996
Bottled in 2022
Cask no. 5391
Cask strength 48,7% vol.
Limited edition 101 bottles

This whisky is really Islay hammer. When you nose it, when you taste it, you feel the soul of Scotland, the soul of Islay. You will be amazed how complex, vibrant, balanced liquid we have selected. Of course, you will find everything you expect from peated, smoky Laphroaig whisky.

In Scandinavian myths, YGGDRASIL ash was the axis of the world, the roots of which were in the underworld, while the tree’s crown on a huge, lofty trunk reached the heavens.
The Romans believed snakes were afraid of crawling into the shadow cast by this tree, hence the later common belief that ash trees chase away “evil powers” and the old custom of planting these trees at the crossroads where the devil was waiting for stray travelers.

Tasting notes:

  • Colour: gold,
  • Nose: honey, smoked bacon, leather, pine, old forest, paper magazines, fresh cut wood, hibiscus tea, lemons, seawater, barbecue
  • Mouth: great combination of peat and fruit, smoky but very well balanced, 45,1% can go straight very well also with few drops of water – water opens more herbal vibes, plum and smoked bacon,
  • Finish: medium, fresh, salty in a good way like sea salt, fat,

Comment: pure joy for all peat and smoke lovers, this is not just peat and smoke Laphroaig – it also gives grapes, lemon and plum fruitiness. Soul of Islay.

Availability date: Q2 2023

Salfast 2012 – Strathisla Single Cask
Distilled at Strathisla Distillery:
Single Cask 11YO
Distilled in 2012
Bottled in 2024
Cask no. 1884
Strenght 58,7% vol.
Limited edition 210 bottles

Salfast is one of the most unsual varieties of European oak, completely unlike the species. The habit of this variety is narrowly columnar, slender, and its target height does not exceed 10 metres. The leaves are even more unique because they are oval and full edged. They are bright green in early spring, then slightly darken and dull, and in autumn they change to light shades of red.

Tasting notes:
  • Colour – Pale gold.
  • Nose – Candied citrus peel, cedar wood and a touch of mint.
  • Palate – Floral with hints of All-Spice. Lots of fruit – orchard and some hedgerow. Caster sugar sweetness on the front is very delicate.
  • Finish – Gently sweet but retaining the freshness of citrus and apple blossom throughout.

Availability date: May 2024

Menhir 2008 – Glen Moray Single Cask
Distilled at Glen Moray Distillery:
Single Cask 15YO,
Distilled in 2008,
Bottled in 2024,
Cask no. 5676,
51.94% vol.,
134 bottles.

Menhir, derived from the Welsh words maen and hir, means an uncut or intentionally partly worked boulder. This massive monolith from the Speyside is the perfect complement to the Birnam Series.

Availability date: June 2024

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