Axis Mundi – Guadeloupe Bellevue 1998



A different angle of view can totally reverse the way we perceive the world. As the result of that, you may be able to go beyond what you take for granted – this Axis Mundi is – a new lens on life. This time we would like to offer you rum distilled in 1998 in the famous, and only distillery on Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe – at Damoiseau distillery widely known as iconic and legendary Bellevue Guadeloupe 1998. 

Distilled at Damoiseau, it was later transported to Europe. The name of Guadeloupe Bellevue should be differentiated from Bellevue Distillery on Marie Galante.

Single Cask Rum
Distilled in: 1998
Bottled: 2022
Aged in ex-bourbon cask
Cask Strength: 55,9% vol.
Number of bottles: 245

This single cask rum is an iconic liquid, of splendid quality. It attracts rum connoisseurs. We’ve decided to  pack this true rum gem into an epic and picturesque giftbox designed to be a stained glass.

Axis Mundi

This Latin term – standing for the world axis, world pillar, world tree – refers to the connection between the heaven, earth and underworld, providing balance and harmony among them all. It can be visualized as the Tree because a tree grows out of the ground so we can watch it rise high far beyond our sight. It basically acts as a benchmark or baseline of a human mindset. It’s the sacred centre – the place of a perpetual struggle between life and death. This symbol is profound and versatile, existential and vivid. One can call it a warden tree (vårdträd). It protects you from destruction – either you will react to this symbol, or you disintegrate.

It is worth either drinking or collecting. If you feel the call, do not hesitate and may you place an order. There are rumors that it can dissapear as quick as it saw the light of a day. Hurry up!

Tasting notes

Color: deep amber gold.

Nose: coffee, spring flowers, plum jam, honey, warm bananas, mint.

Mouth: incredibly rich, great big fat molasses rum, combination of fruit and menthol that is very well balanced, honey, dried fruits also. With water it opens more banana, mango, pineapple fruit vibes.

Finish: very long finish with juniper, raisins, strong oily-menthol-fat rum, the one to remember. It really stays long.

Comment: iconic rum, iconic batch, must try for all rum lovers, creamy, oily rum with so much to offer, so much positive vibes while tasting it. It perfectly fits all legendary other Guadeloupe Bellevue 1998 single casks releases.

Availability: December 2022

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