JUKE-BOX HERO Collection is built on best quality Official Bottlings of Cognac, Armagnac, Gin, Eau de Vie, Whisky, Whiskey, Rum and other spirits. Collection is created as 50 different Chapters selected by Jack Tar Team together with Distilleries.

A variety of exclusive spirits coming from different regions to deliver the most complete and extraordinary experience. Just 50 sets, addressed to private clients worldwide. Only one set per person.

JUKE-BOX HERO will also come with a 1oz Silver Coin produced by Lux Coin Mint with mintage of 50 coins only. Get it – as every Juke-Box needs a coin to start up!

Every year we will release new Chapters. First few Chapters are happening now! Please check our www, type to us & enjoy the first discovers!

A Juke Box (attraction box) is a machine that is operated by inserting coins and it allows you to select songs to play. In the past, the Juke Box reflected a festive mood with a vintage touch, people never believed that they were creating memories but only knew that they were having fun.

With the magical JUKE-BOX HERO collection we can do it again. Let’s enjoy our favourite moments, letting us be carried away by the experiences that bring us different aromas, flavours, cultures. Let yourself get caught up in the festive, cheerful, and lively spirit of JUKE-BOX HERO. Be carried away to those moments when we enjoy those little things, like a beautiful song or an exciting and sublime drink. Each of the products included with care in this collection will awaken your interest and curiosity.

Being happy means being in a state of well-being made up of positive emotions, from joy to pleasure. Having fun is magical, because it gives us such a break from our lives that when we return to our usual pace, we do it with a better attitude and even with the promise of having fun again soon. Any occasion is a good one for celebrating life, and JUKE-BOX HERO recommends fun, without the need to wait for special events, simply creating those moments when we celebrate the present.

“And be a Juke Boxe Hero, got stars in his eyes.” – Juke Box Hero song by Foreigner

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